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We invest alongside our partners and treat all capital as if it was our own.

Our Real Estate Investment Fund Opportunity

Boston Omaha Build for Rent: Fund I

Single-Family, Smart Home Rentals

BFR Economics Can Lead to Attractive Return on Equity

Coupled with a low risk of capital loss

Invest alongside Boston Omaha Corporation through Boston Omaha Asset Management

Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE: BOC), is a public holding company with four businesses: Broadband, Billboards, Bonds and Boston Omaha Asset Management (BOAM).

We build long-term investment returns through strategic relationships. In every one of BOAM’s funds, BOAM is an investor right alongside its investment Partners, a hallmark of our model.

Boston Omaha Asset Management (“BOAM”) is an asset management firm whose primary objective is to achieve long-term returns while limiting the risk of capital and purchasing power loss. We invest, using an opportunistic approach, by selecting investments or opportunities only when we believe they sell for less or cost less than our estimate of their long-term value. Our expertise enables us in our efforts to increase the value of our investments and produce long-term returns for our investors. By investing along with you, Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC) is taking on the same risk with you.

Across market cycles and asset classes, BOAM’s Managers have built a knowledge base in completing different types of transactions and managing ongoing growth projects to help drive value. This knowledge base will play an important role as BOAM seeks to maximize the performance of its assets. When opportunities are not available, BOAM funds hold cash equivalents awaiting future investment opportunities, so we can act quickly and decisively when the right opportunity presents itself. At BOAM, we tend to be attracted to long-life, physical assets, that can operate in a low-cost manner relative to the competition and/or can be financed in an advantaged long-term way.