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We invest alongside our partners and treat all capital as if it was our own.

Our Real Estate Investment Fund Opportunity

Boston Omaha Build for Rent: Fund I

Single-Family, Smart Home Rentals

BFR Economics Can Lead to Attractive Return on Equity

Coupled with a low risk of capital loss

Invest alongside Boston Omaha Corporation through Boston Omaha Asset Management

Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE: BOC), is a public holding company with four businesses: Broadband, Billboards, Bonds and Boston Omaha Asset Management (BOAM).

We build long-term investment returns through strategic relationships. In every one of BOAM’s funds, BOC is an investor right alongside its investment Partners, a hallmark of our model.

Boston Omaha Asset Management (“BOAM”) is an asset management firm established to collaborate with like-minded partners, investing alongside Boston Omaha Corporation in specific assets and businesses that offer attractive long-term returns on invested capital. BOAM seeks to deploy substantial capital, in a partnership with BOC, into businesses where we believe we possess expertise, are presently operating, and can make sizable additional investments.

A Brief History


Brendan Keating & Adam Peterson started investing in distressed commercial real estate through special purpose entities


Brendan & Adam form their first partnership to invest in commercial real estate via The Aligned Group (TAG Funds)


Adam & Alex Rozek meet through shared limited partner


Adam & Alex partner to acquire REO Plus, a small public company, recapitalize and rename to Boston Omaha Corporation


Brendan founds Logic Commercial Real Estate with BOC as a partner


Boston Omaha Asset Management is formed


Brendan founds 24th Street Asset Management with BOAM as a partner


BOC sponsors Yellowstone Acquisition Company (SPAC)


BOAM starts the Build For Rent business plan seeding investments with BOC Capital

Jan 2022

Yellowstone Acquisition Company successfully merges with Sky Harbour Group (NYSE:SKYH)

Jun 2022

BOAM opens its first fund under the Build For Rent business


BOAM forms present day team

January 2023

Brendan becomes Chairman of Logic Commercial Real Estate and joins BOAM as Co-Managing Partner

May 2023

BOAM acquires the remaining interests of 24th Street Asset Management