Boston Omaha Asset Management is backed by the financial stability and strength of Boston Omaha Corporation. We create an alignment of interests by investing alongside our partners.

New Investment Opportunities

Boston Omaha Build for Rent: Fund I

Boston Omaha Asset Management, for the first time, is raising a private fund to invest alongside its parent company, Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC).

BOAM investments have provided acceptable returns to its shareholders. We are currently expanding to allow partners to invest in the unique deal flow developed through numerous successful investments.

Boston Omaha Build for Rent: Fund I is accepting initial total commitments of up to $150 million. BOC has committed to invest a minimum of 10% of the funds total capital to continue building a fully integrated, purpose-built, single-family rental business, focused on providing exceptional fiber-ready smart homes with industry-leading property management in attractive markets in the US.

If you are interested and you are an accredited investor, we would be pleased to provide our investor presentation and schedule a call with our principals to discuss further.

Our Investments

Dream Finders Homes

  • Acquired 2017
  • Homebuilder that designs, builds, and sells homes in high-growth markets
  • Capital Invested $10MM
  • Realized and Unrealized Gain of +/- $67MM through 6/30/2022


  • Acquired 2022
  • Develops and operates private airplane hangars, providing homebasing solutions for private aviation
  • Capital Invested $100MM


  • Acquired 2016
  • Preferred partner that provides property operations software for Boston Omaha Build for Rent smart homes
  • Capital Invested $100k
  • Valuation at last capital raise $350k

Crecent Bank

  • Acquired 2018
  • Specializes in auto loans across 32 states, offering local personal/business banking services to the Greater New Orleans area
  • Capital Invested $19MM
  • Cumulative share of pre-tax income of $11.7MM through 6/30/2022

24th Street Asset Management

  • Acquired 2018
  • Commercial real estate investment firm that makes hard money loans and direct investments in commercial real estate
  • Capital invested $6MM
  • Fund I & II returns through 12/31/2021 – 22% and 42%

Logic Commercial Real Estate

  • Acquired 2016
  • Commercial real estate brokerage, property management, and capital market services firm in Las Vegas, Reno, and Omaha
  • Capital Invested $360k
  • Cumulative share of Logic pre-tax income of $1.8MM (495% cumulative net return on initial capital invested) through 12/31/2021